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If the Dove appears, take this guidance:

While the Dove is with you this week do your best to take actions to best show your love to those you care about deeply and others in your community. Remember sometimes the smallest action can make a ripple effect!

For those of you that had someone pass away recently, they are showing up in Dove form to let you know they are going through a smooth, peaceful, and harmonious transition.

Now is the best time for you to meditate with your future self as when the Dove is with you, it is a time of clear vision.

The Dove has shown up in your life to let you know that you will be or have already started going through a spiritual renewal, where you will experience intense self-examination and challenges.

Staying at home would be in your best interest and it will give you time to enjoy this.

The Dove wants you to give yourself nourishment with love!