Falcon Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

Make sure to figure out which falcon you are dealing with! They all can help you in different ways!

If the Falcon appears, take this guidance:

Ask for the Falcon to be with you when you are making decisions, since the Falcon can help you see a broader perspective by rising above the mundane and seeing the whole picture. This is one of the best gifts the Falcon can give you! You can rise above everything to see the big picture of what is happening around you. By doing this, you can see what you should actually be focusing on to achieve your goals instead of busy work that we typically tend to focus on. Also, when a Falcon is hunting they truly take the plunge and commit to their decision. Take a look at yourself and see where you are being indecisive and where you need to truly commit to a decision you have made.

The Falcon will help you see an opportunity that is coming to you very soon. Make sure to be open to receiving it, trust your intuition, and the Falcon will show you when it is time to act on it. When you think about a Falcon they are predator birds and they know when and how to strike at their prey. Use this natural energy of the Falcon to help you with opportunities that show up in your life. Not all opportunities are equal and you will want to use your energy on the opportunity that lights you up the most! 

Our body has wisdom we tend to forget about and the Falcon is here to remind you to tap into your bodies energies and environment to truly see how well your homeostasis is. You can meditate with the Falcon to see how you can improve on your homeostasis to align you to your most joyous life path! Your homeostasis is a reflection of what is happening in your inner world. Work with the Falcon to shift any energies in both your inner and outer world to be what you actually want to manifest.

Kestral Falcon:

Use your mental strength and wits to resolve the situation you are dealing with. 

It is time to switch your mindset from lack to abundance. If you already have an abundance mindset, make it stronger and take it to new heights.

Peregine Falcon:

If this one shows up for you during mediation or nature:

It is time to act upon a goal you have been putting on the back burner
If you are put in a situation that intimidates or frightens you, remember to be brave and bold. If you get stuck you can always ask for help from this falcon. 

To remind you to take care of your body, especially by feeding your body healthy, organic foods and be in a healthy environment. Even if you have to take some time to walk in a park full of trees to ground yourself and re stabilize your healthy environment around you.

Best times to ask for the Falcon's assistance:

If you are at a loss of what is currently happening in a situation you are involved with and you need a new perspective. Especially one that lets you see more from new heights! By doing this with the falcon, they can help you see what your next move should be (move ahead, pull back, or stay).

If you have been working on a project/goal/task that is very important and you need some support and guidance for your plan. 

Falcon Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

A situation has arises where you need the falcons speed, agility and precision to become one with you.