The Grebe shows up for you to remind you what art and creativity are all about! It is about expressing what is inside of your soul with joy instead of trying to impress others which tends to lead to stressful situations. For those of you that have an urge to create something, come from this place instead and be aware of the differences. This maybe what your business needs from you, expressing your truth with joy instead of trying to be someone else.

When you do dive into a creative project, the Grebe wants you to come up for air from time to time. It is a very easy thing for business owners to stick their head into ‘busy’ creative work without every coming up and seeing if that is what their community is needing. This week see if you are doing what is necessary to create a project AND get their community interested!

This week you may find yourself having intense dreams and you may even lucid dream. For those of you that this happens to, make sure you are keeping a dreaming journal to honor and remember the information coming forward. I always honor any divine download that steps forward to me as it may not make sense or help me out at that particular moment, but later down the road is the exact wisdom I needed. This wisdom could be stepping forward to show you what you need to get ready for!

While the Grebe is with you, your psychic and intuitive gifts will increase. You may even be visited by your spirit guides quite frequently to give you messages. Be open to receiving these messages and just like the point above it is important to honor these messages by writing them down. To best serve you and your highest good, set the intention of what messages you are wanting to receive to help you with your business!

Just know that when you are experiencing strong feelings and emotions you will be able to manage them. Instead of trying to hide them from others and yourself, look them in the eye and see if they are giving you clues to which direction you should be going into with your business, what programs you should be setting up, what you are passionate about, etc.