Heron Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Heron appears, take this guidance:

Whatever opportunity you have been slowly pursuing needs more of your time and energy. Now is the best time for you to go at it with great passion and enthusiasm. If you are lacking in those departments, you can meditate with the Heron and ask for it’s energies to be with you until you have completed your goal. Also, by completing one thing you will be starting a new habit of completing other things! If you struggle with completing things, work with the Heron if you feel aligned to the Heron.

By putting both feet into this opportunity you will see that you are more powerful, skilled, and talented than you were aware. This is a trait you will want to master especially when it comes to aligning to your soul’s purpose! When you have one foot in and one foot out you are telling the Universe that you are not sure it has your back and you do not feel completely supported if you were to put both feet in. You will want to meditate with the Heron and work with this issue! You may even need to call in additional support by hiring a soul coach.

The Heron wants you to catch yourself whenever you get stuck in and/or, black/white, all/nothing thinking. When you do this, it is very important for you to look for another solution! You could surprise yourself. The simplest way of doing this is to meditate with the Heron and ask for a better solution to your issue. You can even ask your closest friends and family to catch you when you do this as you might not be aware of it right away. When you start to see all the infinite opportunities around you, it will help you with your soul’s purpose!

Take a mini vacation from your regular routine and give yourself a day or two to allow your intuition to take control of the driver's seat. You may be guided to spend time in Nature, meditate with your guides, have a day full of activity, etc. This could be the very thing you need to get new energies flowing through yourself and your soul’s purpose to receive new purpose and passion. By doing this, you can get a new perspective on things and see what is working for you and not working for you!

Sit down and meditate with the Heron and tell the Universe you are ready to take full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Next, see where you are blaming others for life circumstances and make an action plan to stop this unhealthy habit. When you start to take personal responsibility for your life’s actions and results, you will see that you have and always have had the ability to sit in the driver’s seat of your life and change the direction that you are going!

Heron Animal Spirit Guide Meaning