If the Jaguar appears, take this guidance:

It is important for you to stay on course for a goal/project/task with clear and positive intentions, so you can have a successful completion. The Jaguar is wanting you to complete these goals and will stay with you until you have! This is an amazing trait to have if you are your own boss while living out your soul’s purpose! If you are struggling in this area, ask for the Jaguar to stay with you longer if you feel aligned to this Animal Spirit Guide.

There will be an awakening and deepening to your psychic visions if you choose so and spend time meditating with the Jaguar. Be open to receiving this. If you are not receiving this, you will want to meditate with the Jaguar and ask why this is happening? Do you have any limiting belief systems keeping you from doing so? How can you start to deepen your psychic today? This of course, will begin the process of awakening and deepening your psychic vision by just meditating with the Jaguar!

Working with the Jaguar, you will manifest the ability to acquire the prosperity and profitable outcomes very soon. So learn how to “hunt” like the Jaguar does by waiting patiently until the opportunity appears and then leap for it! By aligning to how the Jaguar hunts will help you make leaps and bounds with your soul’s purpose. To learn more you can meditate with the Jaguar, read more information about the Jaguar, and watch movies of a Jaguar hunting!

It will be a benefit to you to keep your goals and intentions to yourself because by doing so they will gain power and your intention and purpose will become even clearer. Have no worries about being secretive during this time. Of course, if you have a soul coach it would benefit you to share your goals and intentions as they are there to help you! Linking to the first point, make sure you are staying on track with your goals and complete them!

Right now is the best time to see what you have created recently, so take some time to sit back and relax. It would serve you best to focus on what you love to create as it is letting the Universe know what you want to see more of in your life! Remember like attracts like. The more you focus on that with the Jaguar, the more the Universe can bring it more into your life.

See what is not working for you and let it go. When you have successfully let it go, you will restore your power. Most of the time, it is not beneficial to focus on what is not working for you. Though when you do it so you can make some changes in your life it serves you, your highest self, and your soul’s purpose. Meditate with the Jaguar to see what is no longer working for you! If you are having a problem with releasing limited belief systems or even seeing them, it would be in your best interest to hire an aligned soul coach.