Kookaburra Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Kookaburra appears, take this guidance:

When you are truly wanting to manifest your dreams, you need to make sure you are taking aligned action with your aligned thoughts. This means that you continue to make aligned actions even if you are being discouraged for it. The Kookaburra has your back, just like the Universe, and is here to let you know that you are on the right path and to continue to make the moves necessary to make your dreams come true. It is key to know that you would not have this dreams, if you were not meant to accomplish them.

Time to start implementing detached compassion for people in your life, instead of attached unconditional love. There is a huge difference here and if you do not know it, it is time for you to know. When you have detached compassion for people you are holding sacred space for them to learn their own lessons while feeling loved and supported. When you are giving someone attached unconditional love, it is actually very disempowering for that person. You are taking on their life lessons as your own and they are not learning the lessons they are meant to learn. Also, when you learn to come from a place of detached compassion for someone, you are no longer taking their actions personally! This will help you in a number of ways because it is very freeing.

Did you know that scared/nervous energy is on the same frequency as excited energy? When you are trying to overcome a “fear”, be excited about accomplishing it and notice the difference. Another ‘trick’ to help you overcome your fears is to lean into it knowing that is a lesson you are meant to learn that will help you develop and evolve your soul’s purpose and business/career. This is where magic is created in ones life.

When the Kookaburra shows up, it means this is a reminder for you to take a seat back and allow yourself to enjoy something that literally makes you LOL! You are meant to have a life full of happiness and laughter, as it is apart of the human experience. The Universe wants you to align to your most joyous life path but since you have free will, you are the creator of your life. So this is a time to have a heart to heart with yourself and see why you are creating the life you are living. You can meditate with the Kookaburra to receive more guidance around this and you can even ask the Kookaburra what the best ways for you to align to your most joyous life path now? Take a seat back and stop taking things so seriously, which could have to do with you having attached unconditional love, and be empowered to align to your most joyous life path.

Kookaburra Animal Spirit Guide Meaning