Lobster Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Lobster appears, take this guidance:

The Lobster shows up when you are going through a powerful transformation! During this time, you may find yourself relearning how to express your truth. When you go through the different phases of your transformation you may express a different side of you which is totally normal. Know the Lobster is here to give you support during this time, so you can continue to be strong while you are aligning to your truth. It can be difficult for some and it is best to know who you can rely on for support. For example, you can rely on the Lobster, your other Animal Spirit Guides, your Power Spirit Leaders, a coach, family, friends, etc. This will also show you a different perspective of your purpose. Remember your purpose needs to evolve when you evolve or it will die! When we are not growing, we are dying.

During this time with the Lobster, sit in your Divine Feminine Energy (even if you are a male) to receive what you want the Universe to provide for you. You may want to meditate with the Lobster to see if what you are asking is aligned to your most joyous life path and if you are crystal clear about your intentions on what you want to receive. When you are wishy washy with your intentions, the Universe will provide you with wishy washy results. This will also teach you to be patient, which is one of the Lobster’s lessons, and that you do not always have to do all the leg work to receive abundance from the Universe. Learn to balance your Divine Feminine Energy and Divine Masculine Energy, as this is very essential for you to learn how to balance these energies to create more balance in your life between providing and receiving. Keep a journal with you on this journey while the Lobster is with you to see how your purpose is affected by whatever energy you are currently standing in.

Now is a great time to go through some of your items you have in storage, as you may find things that can have a new purpose in your life and if it does not serve you anymore recycle or give it away. When you start to clean out the items that no longer serve your highest good, it creates space for other items, people, etc, to step in. This will help your purpose either way! Have fun doing so! You can also take some time before going through your items and meditate with the Lobster to set the intention that you will know right away if you need to keep something in your life or give it away to someone you know can use it right away. You can also set the intention that with every item you clear you are creating a void that the Universe must fill with x, y, and z. You know what you would like to create more than me! If you are not completely sure what you would like to bring in, you can always ask for the Universe to fill that void with energies that serve your highest good and purpose.

Once the sun goes down, you may feel a surge of energy to work on your projects and goals you have set out for yourself! While you are working away, ask for the Lobster to be with you to have even more efficient energy around you. Make sure each project and goal you have set out for yourself is purposeful work and helping you take a step forward with your purpose, instead of just ‘busy’ work. Be aware of your work and see the difference between the two! There are far too many times I see people creating busy work for themselves as a distraction and the Lobster wants you to be aware of when you are doing this. The best way to make sure you are doing purposeful work is to make a to-do list. At the top of the to-do list you have 1 thing that is the most important thing to get done. The one thing you need to work on to move the needle per say. The other things on your to-do list can be categorized in B, C, and D categories. These are things that need to get done but perhaps do not have a deadline or their deadline is far off in the future. By doing this you will see a difference in your work ethic and being able to complete goals and projects with more ease and grace. 

Lobster Animal Spirit Guide Meaning