Loon Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Loon appears, take this guidance:

When the Loon shows up in your life, he is there to remind you to bring in more form of exercise to strengthen your bones, muscles, and joints especially your legs and feet. Remember our health is our ultimate wealth!

For those of you that would like to understand yourself better, the Loon urges you to start journaling, meditating, and even doing some dream work to help you explore your subconscious! By doing this work you may uncover some hidden talents and gifts for you to use with your soul’s purpose.

Be aware of your throat chakra during this time and take care of it! You can meditate with the Loon to see what you can do. See where you have been speaking your truth and silencing your truth. Your soul’s purpose needs you to speak your truth so your soul tribe can find you with ease.

Whatever dreams that are extremely vivid and dynamic, that you remember throughout the next day, are very powerful messages and teachings. Make sure to write these kinds of dreams in a journal to remember them, as this will honour the dream and the Loon. Right now these dreams may not make sense, but in the future could be the very key you need to unlock more of your potential.

Loon Animal Spirit Guide Meaning