Magpie Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Magpie appears, take this guidance:

While the Magpie is with you, increase your awareness around any opportunities that are opening up to you. The Magpie is advising you to jump at the opportunities without doubt especially to the ones that light you up the most inside. This will help you align to your most joyous life path. When an opportunity comes forward that does not light you up, honour that feeling and say no. Only say yes to the opportunities that light you up and keep you moving forward and aligning to your most joyous life path. If you have a resistance to your most joyous life path because you believe you do not deserve it or you are not worthy of living your most joyous life path, it would best serve you and your highest good and purpose to meditate with the Magpie and invest in healing yourself through hiring a coach!

Heighten your senses around any signs or omens as they will serve by guiding you. The Magpie really wants you to increase your awareness around this as well so you can continue to move in the right direction. Beware though, when you are looking for a sign not to do something because of your monkey mind or what you are wanting to do is pushing you out of your comfort zone that sign will appear. The Universe is always providing for you in that sense. It would serve you and your highest good and purpose to focus on signs that aligns you to your most joyous life path. For example you can ask to see the Magpie when you are taking the aligned actions towards your most joyous life path.

Anytime you communicate be aware of how clear and straightforward your verbal communication is to yourself and others. And on the other hand, make sure to listen to what others are saying to you. This could be a great time to ask your community questions around how you can best serve them next! Remember you do not always have to be giving information to your community and you can not read their minds so it is best to ask for them to help you with this, especially if you are unsure what your next steps are. Once you do know what you are wanting to communicate with your community know to speak from your heart and be as crystal clear as you can be in your messaging. If you have a spiritual business, the Magpie will help you pay attention to when and when you are not using your intuition and gifts with pure intention and egoless service. This will help you communicate with integrity as well.

With the Magpie being beside you, take a look inside of you and ask what needs to be balanced. For example: Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, Left Side of the Brain and Right Side of the Brain, Spiritual and Mundane. The Magpie is a great teacher to help you balance these energies inside of you because of the black and white it holds on its body. It naturally has a balance of black and white throughout its feathers. If you are looking to balance something in your life it would be best to meditate with the Magpie. 

Magpie Animal Spirit Guide Meaning