Monkey Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Monkey appears, take this guidance:

The Monkey wants you to accept the things you have not been accepting. Once you go with the flow of things you will be able to create solutions for any problems showing up and put those solutions into actions. Just remember it all starts with you looking this in the eye and understanding there is always a solution to a problem! If you are having questions it is best to ask with what/how as it will keep you in your power.

If any knowledge, either intuitive or logical, comes your way while the Monkey is with you, be ready to change your course quickly and as necessary when these fresh thoughts come up. The Universe is always wanting to support you, are you ready to allow it to surprise you with the and better result!

During this time with the Monkey, invite and welcome in new ideas from others to help you see a new, fresh perspective, which can help you approach an issue you have been dealing with for some time. If you have difficulty receiving help from others, this is something that you will want to talk about with the Monkey to help you start to move past this. You will always need to receive help from others or else you would be the only one of this planet!

While the Monkey is with you look at your communication skills and see where you can build your weaknesses into strengths. While keeping your strengths high as well! You can do this by making sure your communication is clear in your voice, body language, thought, and action. You can even ask someone who sees you the most to be your accountability partner, so they can tell you what they see!

Now is a great time to talk to fairies and sprites, as the Monkey brings everyone closer to Nature spirits. If you are wanting to experience this, meditate with the Monkey everyday to strengthen your relationship with the Monkey so you can start to receive this gift!

Monkey Animal Spirit Guide Meaning