If the Mouse appears, take this guidance:

Since the Mouse is so small it can see a lot of things in great detail because it is right beside it! So you can use the Mouse’s energy to help pay more attention to details, so anything important won’t be left unattended. You can also use this energy to help you find something you have been missing. During your time with the Mouse, it would be best to make sure you are going through things in great detail, especially if you are dealing with any contracts or something that is very important. SECRET: When you are about to read over a contract or something like that, you can call forward the Mouse to help you see the details clearly.

A spin off the first point is if you are missing an opportunity by focusing to closely on one or two activities. The Mouse can bring your attention back to where it is needed and what details and/or activities to be focusing on. Humans can be very easily distracted from doing something they say they actually want to be doing, so meditate with the Mouse to bring up your awareness around these distractions, so you can redirect your attention to what you need to be focusing on, which will help your business!

This could be a time of levelling up for you. Use the Mouse’s energy to so that you do not experience any important losses. Set the intention of how you want to be levelling up and what you would like to be transforming in your life. For example: I am transforming my debt into savings and I am choosing to show up more for my business like doing more posts on my social media. The Mouse can help you become clear on this intention for yourself from seeing things in great detail.

Mice are very lousy housekeepers, and they could be showing up for you to have a reminder to clean your house, car, friends etc. It is a time for you to look at what is currently and certainly not serving your higher good and to get rid of the things that don’t serve a purpose anymore. This is a great activity you can do once a month or week, whenever you are called to do so because when you clear away clutter in areas that you spend the most time in, it will create a new space for new energy to flow through! Of course you can set another intention of what kind of energy you want to surround yourself with.

Following up on that last point, this can be a good time to look within without judgement and do an assessment on yourself. See where your strengths and weaknesses are and be completely honest with yourself so you can move forward with your life if you so choose. The Mouse will help you clear the clutter in your mind from limiting self beliefs and bring in new supporting belief systems! This may be something that is difficult for you to do by yourself and you may want to reach out to a soul coach you feel aligned to, so you can move past this!