Ostrich Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Ostrich appears, take this guidance:

Right now is the perfect time to look at what is not working for you so you can remove it and bring in the new. Usually it is not good to focus on the negative as it can bring more negativity in your life, but when you are doing it with the intention you are replacing and transforming the negative into the positive it will be in your highest good! You can meditate with the Ostrich to see what needs to be transformed!

With the Ostrich beside you, you will be protected from any negative energies. If you are thinking that there are negative energies around you, this is what the Universe will bring to you. So while you are with the Ostrich just know that you are surrounded with positive energy and it is best to focus on that which will help your soul’s purpose!

Start making plans to take action with the divine downloads you have been receiving recently so you can manifest it into the physical. It is always great to wish and have aligned thoughts but without taking action on any of them you will not receive any results. It is important for you to start taking action around your soul’s purpose! Any action is better than no action! You would not be called to do things without the Universe supporting you.

If one of your divine downloads has been to explore more information around anything spiritual, just know the Ostrich will keep you grounded while you do so! It is super important to stay grounded while you meditate or anything spiritual at all. Of course, you can use the Ostrich to help you stay present in your body and the present moment. These are important things that you need to master to be able to receive things from the Universe. It is a key ingredient to manifesting.

It is time for you to quench your thirst by listening to your intuition by learning new knowledge through taking a course, program, coaching package, etc. You can meditate with the Ostrich to see what is best for you to do right now that will help you and your soul’s purpose. There is a lot of amazing information and wisdom out there for you to learn, but always ask yourself if it is going to benefit you and your soul’s purpose. Or else you are wasting your time and time is the only thing you can not get back.

Ostrich Animal Spirit Guide Meaning