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Make sure to figure out which owl you are dealing with! They all can help you in different ways!

If the Owl appears, take this guidance:

🦉The owl is a very powerful spirit guide, and it may be showing up for you to remind you to meditate. Now when you meditate with the owl make sure it is in the evening and you are sitting in darkness with no music playing. You just need to do this for a few minutes for the next few nights to see what the owl will bring to you.

🦉Be alert to others around you, as they may be putting a face on and not being their true selves, even if that person knows it or not. It is up to you if you feel the need to tell them or not. The owl is here to help you see through that and provide protection.

🦉The owl may be showing up for you as it could be an excellent time for you to start using your intuition, as there is much wisdom stored in your soul and the owl!

🦉Owls are known to be silent birds, use their silence in your environment today. Sit down and observe what is happening in your homeostasis and answers may appear quickly to the questions you have had lately.

🦉You may tap in to knowing more around you with the owls help! You may be able to know, feel, hear, or see when events are going to happen before they happen. So this is a great time to honour your intuition.

🦉If you have been needing a creative boost, ask for the owl to appear with you during the evening. Owls hold a lot of power in the night, so it is best to ask for their help during their power hours.