Peacock Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Peacock appears, take this guidance:

Meditate with the Peacock to experience a vision that will have a huge affect on your life and the direction you are going in. Before meditating with the Peacock, it would serve you best to set that intention. It is always good to see all the opportunities and possibilities that surround you and your life. Once you are able to let go of your attachment to the outcome, the Peacock will be able to step into your sacred space correctly and show you something that will help benefit you, your highest good, and your soul’s purpose. Sometimes the things that appear the most ‘crazy’ are exactly what you need at that time.

While you are taking appropriate actions towards your goals, the Peacock also wants to remind you to keep aware and observe what is happening around and inside of you. It is very easy for you to get extremely consumed in something before even asking if that is what the Universe needs from you or wants you to do at this time. Take actions that allow you to be able to observe what is happening around you so you can be of greater service to your soul’s purpose. A simple way of doing this is to ask your community questions to figure out what they are needing at this time.

The Peacock shows up to remind you that you are safe and well protected! Now is the time to start walking your talk in your personal and professional life. When you are trying to constantly make sure you are safe, you are not helping yourself or your soul’s purpose in any way. The Peacock wants you to see this pattern of how you feeling unsafe and unsure if you are protected is causing the Universe to provide evidence that you are not. Start using your mental thoughts as a tool towards knowing you are safe and protected so you can bring more awesomeness into your life. If you struggle with this, you are not alone and it would best serve you to start saying this as a daily mantra.⠀⠀

Linking to the point above, it is always an important time for you to speak your truth rather than hiding in the background hoping for someone else to take the stand for you. Only you can speak your truth and once you do you will be creating a space for others to learn that it is safe for them to do the same. For those of you that are wanting to be a Spiritual Leader and Expert in your field, you need to get out of your own way and stand up for your truth. Meditate with the Peacock to see how you can be creating more space for yourself to speak your truth to your community. If you struggle with this, yet again you are not alone and it would best serve you to work with your coach to solve this issue.

During this time, the Peacock will be testing your dignity and integrity. The Peacock truly wants you to walk your talk and for you to hold your head up high at the same time. You may want to set up mini challenges while the Peacock is with you that will strengthen and test these qualities inside of you! It would be best to ask for an accountability partner to have your back throughout this process to keep your spirits high and alive!

Peacock Animal Spirit Guide Meaning