Pelican Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Pelican appears, take this guidance:

The Pelican shows up to give you the opportunity and gift of forgiving yourself and anyone else that you have built guilt and resentment towards. Forgiving yourself and others is one of the most refreshing energies as it will help you move onto the next chapter of your life. This is something that will help you clear up energy so you can bring in the energy that you are desiring. It would be best for you to meditate with the Pelican to help you forgive yourself and others, as the Pelican will be able to give you guidance on the best ways for you to forgive them is! 

Linking to the point above, this will allow you to free yourself from what is weighing you down! Other things that could be weighing you down is possessions, emotions, mental strife, etc. It would be best for you to see what no longer serves your highest good and purpose and then let it go. When you let go of anything that is weighing you down, it is best to set the intention of releasing this energy so whatever energy you want to bring in such as happiness, alignment, excitement, motivation, or whatever it is you want. If you need any support through this it would be best to ask for the Pelican to be with you and if you feel the need to meditate with the Pelican.

An opportunity will present itself today, and it is your job to respect this opportunity by jumping towards it! By already deciding to forgive and clear out old energies that no longer serve your highest good and purpose, the Universe will want to reward you. Make sure to continue through with clearing out old energies that no longer serve your highest good and purpose even after the opportunity presented itself to you! This is also a time for you to reflect on what your relationship with your receiving muscles are! It is a time to give yourself permission to allow your receiving muscles to grow past your wildest imagination and see how the Universe wants to surprise you today!

Now is a time to be cooperative with others, instead of believing you are in competition with anyone that you met. Especially if you are involved in a group project right now. The Pelican wants to remind you that we are all here on Earth to make it a better place for us to thrive. It is best to know it will serve your highest good and purpose to stay in cooperative with others. When you do this you may be surprised by the kind of relationships you build with others around you which could help you in the future!

Pelican Animal Spirit Guide Meaning