All the time, energy, and money you have put in a project or investment will succeed. Ask for the Rat to be with you while you are doing this! Know that it will succeed and you are halfway there!

Remind yourself, that your limiting beliefs are the only things holding you back and keeping you from seeing what you have around you that is ready to be used. It is time to look past your limiting beliefs! You may need help with this and that is okay! Reach out to your soul coach today and book a session to get yourself back on track with your soul’s purpose.

This is a great time for you to listen to your intuition to see where you are needing to be cautious. Also, do your best to see what the near future holds for you. If you are wanting to have more clarity around your soul’s purpose, choose and set the intention to have more clarity about your soul’s purpose by the end of the week and watch what the Universe and the Rat is presenting to you.

The rat reminds you it is healthy to go through your material possessions from time to time, so you can recycle what no longer serves a purpose. Set the intention for while you go through your material possessions you are creating more room for your soul’s purpose to come through and shine brightly!