Roadrunner Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Roadrunner appears, take this guidance:

The Roadrunner is here to remind you that you can always handle anything that comes your way, even if it is a situation that requires you to make a decision right away. Trust your instincts and go with that. For those of you that struggle with being indecisive, know that the best way to get over this issue is to know that there is no wrong decision and making a decision is better than sitting in uncertainty. Ask yourself this while trying to make a decision with the Roadrunner, if there was no such thing as a wrong decision, which decision would I make today?

Now is the time for you to make plans, and if you already have plans to put them into action so you can manifest whatever it is you are desiring. The Roadrunner will help you with both of these and depending on how long the Roadrunner is with you, this Animal Spirit Guide could be with you while making plans and also taking action on them! Of course, you can always ask for the Roadrunner to come back into your life when you are making plans and wanting to set them into action! It is important to take action for your soul’s purpose to thrive and the Roadrunner will help you with this.

If you can not laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? Am I right? Make sure to see where you are taking things too seriously and adding extra stress in your life that is not needed, after that allow yourself to have some time to laugh at yourself with the Roadrunner! It is easy to take life too seriously and forget that life is meant to be enjoyable and full of love and fun. So, if you are lacking in those areas work with the Roadrunner to bring more love and fun into your life and see how it affects all other areas of your life such as your soul’s purpose.

It would be a great time for you to explore how sound can heal you and others spiritually, emotionally and physically. See what is speaking to you. If this is speaking to you on a grand scale and you know you are meant to work with sound to heal yourself and/or others, this is the sign you have been waiting for. Ask for the Roadrunner to help you find a course, teacher, book, and the necessary tools to start working with sound healing and understanding how it all works! This could be a very crucial part of your soul’s purpose.

To be a great service to others, it is important for you to keep yourself healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, as you would be a greater service to yourself and others. It is crazy how much your own frequencies and energies will attract or deflect clients, money, friends, family, etc in your life. This is a great time for you to look with the Roadrunner into how you can improve your health right now. You may even want to keep a food journal to note what foods and drinks you are consuming and how they are making you feel during the day. It could be just as simple as you needing to drink more water in your life to increase your frequencies!