Stork Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Stork appears, take this guidance:

The Stork wants you to get ready to birth into a new expression of yourself. One which will serve you and your highest good the best! Increase your awareness of what is around you that will help you with this. It would also be a great idea for you to meditate with the Stork and see what kind of intentions you should be setting for yourself to have the best results in this birth of a new you! You may want to hire some help to make sure this transition is done with love, grace, and ease!

For those of you that no longer live in your hometown, the Stork wants you to return. The Stork wants you to see your hometown through your 'adult' eyes, so you can feel and see how it is the same but different. By doing this, it will give you a new perspective of how your hometown had an impact on how you view the world then and today. This is the place that had an impact on creating the person you are today. By seeing this you may have a breakthrough that you have been seeking for sometime!

While the Stork is with you, it would best serve you to spend quality time with your family, close friends, and your home. It is important for you to continue to have a support team that surrounds you so when you need support in your life it is easy for you to reach out and receive help. If you have an issue with receiving help from other it would be best for you to meditate with the Stork to get past this as it does not serve you, your highest good, and your souls’ purpose. Of course, if you are struggling with this, there is no need to and you should start looking for a soul coach you feel aligned too.

Look within the community that you live in and see if there are any drumming circles that are happening near you that have the intention of awakening your primal energy to transform that into creative projects. You may also do this by yourself or start one within your community if there is not one! If you do find/create a drumming circle, it would be very healing for you and others to do some sacred dancing as well! Meditate with the Stork to see how this will help you with your soul’s purpose, if there is any additional intentions you need to set, and if there is any additional information you need to know before moving forward with this!

Stork Animal Spirit Guide Meaning