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If the Tiger appears, take this guidance:

🐅 It is time to make a sacred space for you in your home, that is completely yours. A place of solitude, where others will have to ask to come in. This gives you space to grow and enjoy time alone.

🐅 The tiger can show up for you to give you a boost in passion and power that will be with you for a long time!

🐅 A new adventure is around the corner for you, it may have some challenges that you have to overcome but it will be all worth it in the end as you will find yourself changed for the better!

🐅 You may also soon find a way of healing your physical or emotional illnesses very quickly, which will be followed by an increase in energy.

🐅 If you have been working on a project or goal, the tiger is here to remind you to continue to push through and with patience will come an amazing surprise for you to achieve your project/goal quicker!

🐅 A Siberian tiger actually showed up for me, and there are some bonus information on those guys!

🐅 A long trip will appear soon to you, which will be refreshing and therapeutic.

🐅 Make it a point to enjoy your sexuality at this time and do a lot of touching.