If the Zebra appears, take this guidance:

The zebra will show up for you if you have been thinking in black and white. That it is one thing or another. Now when you are thinking like this it is very limited thinking and the zebra will bring you out of that and show you that it does not need to be and/or, that it can be and/also.

Branching off the first point, if you have just had a fight with someone, the zebra can help bring you two onto middle ground and see things for what they are. Instead of one person being right and the other wrong. Another way the zebra can help you in a conflict is not to be confrontational as this comes from the black and white belief system. The zebra will help you come at a disagreement a different way such as, agreeing to disagree, persuasion or taking a breather to look at the situation with new eyes and perhaps be able to see the other person's side.

It is a great time for you to sit down with yourself and look at your reality, to see what is great and what is not. If you can see the illusions that are running your story, the zebra can help you start to shift your perspective which is the first step in getting rid of that particular illusion.

You are receiving a digital download with some amazing knowledge that has been hidden from you until now, because you have been resisting it. Be open to receiving it and you will gain new knowledge!