What are you hungry for?

What are you hungry for?

By Michele Scott

I love Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations! A couple of days ago I was listening to her conversation with Geneen Roth, Author of Women, Food, and God, and Geneen said, “Women eat because they are hungry. They are hungry for something they cannot name!”

So, I wondered, “what are we hungry for?”

What do we need that we aren’t getting and instead, use food as a poor substitute for that?

What do we want that we aren’t striving for which makes us seek our fulfillment from food?

What do we desire that we aren’t pursuing that turns food into our biggest source of pleasure?


What are you hungry for?

I believe if you can identify what you are truly hungry for, and work on that, all the other un-full parts of your life will begin to fill up and bring you that feeling of fulfillment.

Here are some of the possibilities I came up with below.

We are hungry for …

  • Love
  • Attention
  • Approval
  • Appreciation
  • Acceptance
  • Validation
  • Recognition
  • Understanding
  • Purpose
  • Knowledge
  • Change


In Numerology, there are 9 Positive Self Behaviors. The benefits of building, developing, and growing wholly through these various stages means we can fill ourselves up in a long-lasting and more positive way, with some of those things we are hungry for.

➢ Number ONE in Numerology teaches us Self Belief.

➢ Number TWO in Numerology teaches us Self Love.

➢ Number THREE in Numerology teaches us Self Expression.

➢ Number FOUR in Numerology teaches us Self Discipline.

Number FIVE in Numerology teaches us Self Discovery.

➢ Number SIX in Numerology teaches us Self Judgement.

➢ Number SEVEN in Numerology teaches us Self Awareness.

➢ Number EIGHT in Numerology teaches us Self Management.

➢ Number NINE in Numerology teaches us Self Sacrifice.


In Numerology cycles, number ONE is always the beginning. So, let’s start with Self Belief.

Your own Numerology KIT (Key Indicator Traits) shows me exactly where you live in this area – whether you live with self-belief or self-doubt? If you are in self-doubt, you may constantly seek approval, struggle to make up your own mind about things, and be somewhat needy and dependent on others. You could be very hungry for acceptance, validation, and recognition.

If you begin to build self-belief and develop this positive self-behavior within yourself, learning how to have faith in yourself, stand up for yourself, and speak up for yourself, you will no longer look to others to accept and validate you. You will accept and validate yourself. How do you do this I hear you ask? Well, the start of developing self-belief for me began with ‘assertiveness training’ many years ago and has become a daily practice ever since.


Here are some of the ways in which I practice Self Belief:

✓ I manage my self-talk and my monkey mind

I create and work with empowering I AM (affirming) Statements

I nurture my mind, heart, and soul with inspiring books, podcasts, and visual entertainment

These actions fill me up. This feeling of fullness and satisfaction then invokes inspiration, stimulates my creativity, and generates the energy and drive that takes me in the direction of my goals. I feel confident, determined, and proud of myself.


In your own Numerology Profile, if your Challenge is Number ONE, then self-doubt would plague you. Self-belief must become as much a way of life for you as going to the gym. Like any muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets. The more you practice and exercise self-belief in your life the stronger your belief in self will become! This is freedom. When you are no longer a prisoner of what others will think, say, and do, you will be ‘free to be you’.

This is liberating.

This is self-assuredness.

How would it feel, if you were making up your own damn mind about who and what you are?

Thanks for reading,

Michele Scott Numerologist

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